ladybug wall decal for babies

Removable Ladybug Decal


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Product Description

Mesmerised wall decals are designed specifically for newborn eyesight; the simple black shapes will stand out easily for baby’s developing eyes each time they enter the room, making baby’s nursery a familiar and comforting place.

Why are black and white images good for babies? Read more here.

Placed above the change-table or cot, these stickers will engage and calm baby while being changed or put to bed.

These wall decals are a high-quality, removable vinyl that come with an easy-to-apply transfer sheet. Once applied the decals fit so snugly to the wall they will look hand-painted.

Contains one large ladybug, one small ladybug and 6 separate dots (which can placed as you like). Length of large ladybug is approximately 23cm.

Made in Australia.