Did you know that babies love black and white books and images?

Mesmerised books are great for tummy time...

..and for playmat time.

Mesmerised books (above) are great for tummy time, and for playmate time.

At Mesmerised we specialise in black and white books & gifts designed specifically for babies from newborn until 9 months of age. You will be amazed at how a baby responds to black and white, and high-contrast images from the day they are born.

Why do babies like looking at black and white?

At birth a baby’s eyesight is very limited. Black and white images with sharp outlines are much easier for baby to see in these first few months of life when it is hard for them to focus, and hard for them to differentiate colour. A baby’s eyesight will continue to develop over the first 6 months; use of our specially designed black and white, and high-contrast books, will help to nurture that development.

‘Black and white contrasting pictures maximise visual stimulation and appear to encourage infant development in the early months’. – Jennifer Gregor, Paediatric doctor, Melbourne, Australia.

Mesmerised books by Australian designer Katey Love:

Mesmerised black and white baby book

Mesmerised by Katey Love 0-6mths $15.95

Baby face baby book of colours

Baby Face by Katey Love 0-12mths $15.95


The Mesmerised range consists of Mesmerised board book and flashcards, Baby Face board book, and nursery wall decals. You will also find other books that we recommend for newborns on the books page.

If you’re looking for a unique baby gift, or looking for new ways to stimulate and entertain your baby, our gorgeous black-and-white products are ideal.